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Lakshminath Jha, the Great Royal Artist of Mithila

Lakshminath Jha
Lakshminath Jha

Lakshminath Jha

Born on 14th Feb 1917 and died on 06th August 1990.

His father was Pt. Punyanath Jha, a great landlord of his time, hailed from Sarisab-Pahi, a village under the old Darbhanga (now Madhubani) district. The village is internationally reputed for intellectual fertility, academic excellence and cultural significance.

Mr. Jha, brought up in a royal atmosphere, developed keen interest in art, especially the classical painting of the colonial era. Largely following the trends, established by Raja Ravi Verma and his contemporaries, the artist began with several drawings and sketches of the popular Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon.

His Master

He was the chief disciple of Pt. Kedarnath Sharma of Benaras (Varanasi)

Works done    

Mr. Jha excelled in almost all the disciplines of classical painting and prepared several sets of painting of which Raga-Ragini, Vidyapati, Geetagovinda and Raas-leela deserve special mention.

These sets of painting are preserved in the various museums and art-collections. His Tantric Paintings have always left an indelible imprint on the mind and heart of the connoisseur whosoever has perused them. <<read in detail>>

Published work

This multidimensional artist published a rare work on Classical Mithila Painting, ‘Cultural Folk- art Of Mithila’ in the year 1962. The book containing 45 (Forty-five) colored plates strictly based on the ancient, medieval and modern ritual paintings, still prevalent in the region, was highly appreciated by the then doyens of culture and art like Roy Krishna Das and K. Srimali.

Unpublished works

  • In addition to his rare work on Yantras used in the different Tantric cults.
  • The profusely illustrated KAMASUTRASA is, by all means, the lifetime artistic achievement of the artist. This unique work is enviably significant both for India and abroad. He prepared a unique book of painting strictly based on the Sutras(Aphorisms) of the KAMASUTRA of Vatsyayana which contain 115 (one hundred and fifteen) color plates. The most significant feature of this rare Artwork is, that the artist backed by his extensive studies on Indian Erotic, especially the KAMASUTRA, has painted all the relevant Sutras of Vatsyayana in such a magnificent manner that right from the division of the genitals, the various stages of love and finally the different positions of coitus have been vividly illustrated. This artwork is, undeniably one of the greatest achievements of Lakshminath Jha.

Paintings exhibited

His paintings were exhibited at different art galleries of India, of which special mention should be made about an exhibition held at Trivendrum, inaugurated by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India.

Awards and Honors.

Recipient of several awards and honours, Mr. Jha had, to his credit, several portraits of the different luminaries of the country.

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(Written by his son Dr. Mitranath Jha)

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  1. *Cultural Folk – Art of Mithila* पेंटिंगक अप्रतिम पुस्तक अछि । हम पहिल संस्करण देखने छी , जहिया हम स्कूलेक विद्यार्थी रही । दोसरो संस्करण निकलैक ।
    मैथिलक प्रत्येक घरमे रखबाक ई पुस्तक अछि ।

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  2. Bahut sundar jankari. Khokha babuk photo dekhi bahut prashannata bhel.Master sahebak(Man Mohanjee)likhal Ashrukan namak kahani sangrah per hunke banoal chitra cover page per chanhi.

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