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Esperanto for Indian languages

Esperanto for decidedly Indic languages such as Sanskrit and Maithili would be most important. For Non-Maithili speakers it is generally a good idea to start with something very easy such as Esperanto or Interlingua for Maithili to get fast results and a general feeling for Maithili language, and to move on to a specific language such as literal Maithili after that.

The advantage of Esperanto for in this context is of course that you can find speakers everywhere, and the advantage of Interlingua is that you can easily communicate with the much larger number of Maithila as well as non-Maithila speakers.

Govind Jha, a renowned scholar of Maithili and Sanskrit grammar and a linguist has prepared Esperanto for two languages (i) Maithili and (2) Sanskrit.

Here we are publishing these guidelines and conceptions from his writings.

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