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Achyut Nath Jha

Achyut Nath Jha
A writer/translator (Hindi to English)


282, Main Market, Badarpur, New Delhi – 110044


My Journey So Far…

  • Kalchakra & Chetna Publications

(July1989 to December 1990)

Working simultaneously with a political tabloid and publishing house gave me a learning platform to sense things in raw journalism and nuances of book editing, and as a sub-editor my responsibility was to put things in order. It is here I confronted with the significance of what’s known in common parlance as, ‘Devil Lies in Details.’

  • Diamond Publications

(January 1991 to March 1992)

As a writer/translator (Hindi to English), mostly in the short form of books, I was involved in shaping out 20-25 books and a dozen of translation.

  • As an Author of Educational Books

(April 1992 to August 1995)

My foray into text books for primary and Higher Secondary level resulted in the outcome of a Global Series in English (from I to V standard) and a Comprehensive Book On English Grammar, a 292-page well-researched and reader-friendly treatise which received a tremendous response from schools in Delhi/NCR. This period also availed me opportunity to associate me with a couple of esteemed coaching centres in south Delhi which were engaged in teaching English for students who rush to Delhi for better opportunities.

  •  Women’s Era, Alive and Champak

Delhi Press Group magazines

(January 1996 to August 2008)

As an in-charge of Alive (a monthly socio-political magazine), I was responsible for everything, from story ideation, distributing assignment to editorial staff, to making sure that the magazine meets the deadline. During my tenure I could be able to file hundreds of stories related to socio-politico-economic issues. So many stories were also published in Women’s Era ( a fortnightly which targets women readers as the title suggests). In Champak (English fortnightly), my role was like a senior sub-editor who is well abreast of things our kids like.

  •  The Caravan

A monthly journal of politics and culture

(August 2008 to May 2010)

The Caravan is also a Delhi Press Group magazine. It is here I learn how to develop a serious magazine. Starting from the scratch, pooling new writers and working on new journalism in narrative style, it demanded a lot of patience and perseverance. And finally it came out as a fortnightly magazine and after a year, changed into a monthly product. As a Senior Sub-Editor and Production Coordinator, I had to ensure that magazine comes out brilliantly and error-free. In Caravan, I had opportunity to work with some of the best journalists and writers.

  • Property Observer

A real estate/business/economy monthly

(November 2010 to May 2012)

Making magazine and retaining its sustainability is the challenge every publisher is facing. With aim to develop a niche magazine, I along with just another writer decided to launch this magazine. As a News Editor, I was responsible for stories and contents of the magazine and it was gratifying that this product got an overwhelming response from the market. Very soon I became the Head Editor, leading a group of editorial staff and establishing a new benchmark for print media in property market.

  •  Observer Dawn

A monthly journal of business/ economy/politics/art and literature                                                                                                                       

(From August 2012 to March 2015)

Here as a Managing Editor, I was responsible for all contents which it carried. In its brief span, OD managed to achieve a sustainable readership and advertising space. As its support base grew, I strived to enrich its contents and needless to say, it was a challenging task.

  • Political and Defence Weekly                                                                                                                 

Think Tank

(From 2005 till date on a freelance basis)

As an Associate Editor, for more than seven years and without any break, I have been contributing stories on national politics for those who are yearning for an objective and impartial analysis. Recently US Ministry of Commerce has clubbed this weekly with one of the 25 media tools from India from which it sources its news for south Asia. My weekly 10-pager in Political & Defence Weekly keeps me busy throughout the year.

  • As a Reviewer

As a voracious reader, I rarely miss a chance to read and review books. In the last two decades, I could have reviewed hundreds of books, most of which get published in the magazines I worked on. In recent times, I reviewed books authored by Arvind Adiga, Brahma Chellaney, Dr Vikram Akula, Bradly J. Sugars, Acharya, Richardson and Nieuwerburgh, to name a few.

  • As an Editor of Books and Research Works

On the sideline of my normal engagement with magazines, I am also working on books authored by academicians/established authors. Several books, I edited, have already hit the bookstore and a few will be out in a short period.

  • As a Senior Advisor with NGOs

In addition to normal engagement with books and journals/magazines, I have been collaborating with a couple of Delhi-based organisations as their Senior Advisors.

  • Information Technology Skills:

Technically proficient in MS Office, Quark Xpress, Web surfing.

Achyut Nath Jha
Achyut Nath Jha


  •  1984-86   CM College, Darbhanga, BA in English (Hons.) with Sociology as optional paper
  • 1986-88, S. D. College, Ghaziabad, MA in English with specialization in American Literature

Personal Bio:

Date of Birth: January 5, 1966

Father’s Name: Late Shri Uma Nath Jha

Status: Married

Nationality: Indian


Reading newspapers, books & magazines from across the world

What They Say:

  •  “Working with Mr Achyut Nath Jha, in the beginning, with Alive/Women’s Era and later on, with Political & Defence Weekly which we launched in 2005, has been a pleasurable experience for me. Despite his regular commitment with other magazines, he makes it sure to send his write-ups on time without ever missing the deadlines. On national politics, Mr Jha has certain degree of stranglehold which has been possible after years of analysis and ideation.”

-Ram Bilas Kumar, Editor, Political and Defence Weekly

  • “At a time when media as a whole are at crossroads, sticking to an impartial view while going for a story is next to impossible. However, Mr Achyut Nath Jha always did his best to stave off any pressure which might come during the making of story, selecting articles and giving the final touches. As a relatively new comer in media, I have learnt a lot from him and I still value his tips whenever such needs arise while pitching the story.”

-B. K. Reddy, a freelance writer.

  • “While we were in the process of launching the magazine, Mr Achyut Nath Jha frankly told me that he had written a little about real estate but explained in affirmative about his take on economy and policy which is related to property market. And see, within a few months this magazine achieved an unexpected response from every stakeholders. As far as content is concerned, much of its credit goes to Mr Jha.”

– Former Executive Editor, Property Observer

Achyut Nath Jha In a Seminar on Contemporary Relevance of Sufism
In a Seminar on Contemporary Relevance of Sufism at Jamia Millia Islamia in Collaboration with New Age Islam Foundation.
Achyut Nath Jha at NGO — SATAT --
During a meeting with delegates at an NGO — SATAT — in Delhi.
Achyut Nath Jha
With Shri Ashok Vajpayi, former civil servant, poet, essayist and literary critic at his residence.
Achyut Nath Jha
Attending to media on the sideline of an award ceremony on 26th October, 2012.
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