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An Introduction to the Samba-purana.

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(About this Introduction, Dr. Mitranath Jha, Mithila Research Institute, Darbhanga has sent his review by massage to the author on Monday, 6 November, 2017) 

Hon’ble Bhavanath  Baboo,

Savinaya Naman .

Once again hats off to your genius. I fall short of appropriate words to express my   congratulations and heartiest compliments for your INTRODUCTION to the SAMBAPURANA, the book given to me by your kindness. You are undeniably an intellectual giant.

So great of you! 

May the Almighty Jagadamba, the provider of health, wealth, wisdom and prosperity give you a sound health so as to scale the immeasurable heights of success and happiness at every stage of your enviably vibrant intellectual life. Warm regards to your better-half  and sincere blessings to   all the  fragrant flowers of your undeniably perfumed garden.

Kind regards. 

Ever truly yours,

Lal (Dr. Mitranatha Jha),


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