आइ सामान्य लोकक तँ गप्पे छोड़ू शोधकर्तालोकनिकें सेहो आश्चर्य लगतनि जे राज दरभंगाक दिससँ आधुनिक शिक्षाक क्षेत्रमे हाथ खोलि कए अनुदान देल गेल। आरो अनेक रूपमे योगदान कएल गेल हेतैक, मुदा एतए हम भागलपुर आ मुंगेरमे आधुनिक विद्यालय खोलबामे महाराज रुद्रसिंहक द्वारा कएल गेल योगदानक चर्चा करए चाहब।

महाराज रुद्रसिंहक मूर्तिक छायाचित्र। साभार : श्री रमणदत्त झा

अप्रैल 1846 ई.मे भागलपुर शहरमे एकटा आधुनिक शिक्षाक विद्यालय खोलबाक प्रस्ताव भेलैक। एहि प्रकारक विद्यालयकें ओहि समयमे Vernacular School कहल जाइत छल। भागलपुरमे ई विद्यालय खोलबाक लेल कुल व्यय 1,370 रुपया आँकल गेल जाहिमे 600 रुपयाक व्यवस्था महाराज रुद्रसिंहक द्वारा देल गेल। एही रिपोर्टमे कहल गेल अछि जे ओ रुद्रसिंह मुंगेरमे विद्यालय खोलबाक लेल 400 रुपयाक अनुदान देने रहथि, जखनि कि ओकर स्थापनामे 1,368 रुपयाक व्यय आँकल गेल छल।

शोधकर्तालोकनिक लेल ई रिपोर्ट अविकल एतए देल जा रहल अछि-

Bhaugulpore Station School

The only school which has been established in this district is at sudder station it was opened on the 28 April 1846. The teacher is stated by Commissioner to be notwithstanding the terms of disparagement in which he has been noticed by Mr. Inspector Lodge one of the best in the division. He does not to be sure the Commissioner writes possess qualifications of a superior stamp but he is painstaking attentive to his duties and capable of teaching 20 or 30 boys to the extent contemplated by Government. The Commissioner accordingly recommends that the schooling fees amounting at the end of the year to Rupees 6-4 be awarded to him as an encouragement which the Board will authorize. Rupees 1,370 had been subscribed for the erection of school houses of which Rupees 600 were contributed by Maharajah Roodur Singh of Durbungah in Tirhoot, who had also contributed Rupees 400 towards the erection of school houses in Monghyr instances of liberality which the Board concur with the Commissioner in thinking merit the commendation of Government. The building of a new and commodious school house at the sudder station was in progress.

General Report on Public Instruction in the Upper Provinces of the Bangal Presidency to it 1847-48, Calcutta, 1848, p. 175

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