quoted from the book “Asiatic Researches; Or, Transactions Of The Society, Instituted In Bengal, For Inquiring Into The History And Antiquities, The Arts, Sciences, And Literature, Of Asia”
Printed Verbatim from the Calcutta Edition, Volume 7
Sewell, 1803

“MAIT H I LA or Tirhutiya is the language used in Mithilā that is in the Sircár of Tirhát and in some adjoining districts limited however by the rivers Cus Cautics and Gandhac Gandhaci and by the mountains of Népál it has great affinity with Bengali and the character in which it is written differs little from that which is employed throughout Bengal In Tirhát too the learned write Sanscrit in the Tirhutiya character and pronounce it after their own inelegant manner.. As the dialect of Mithila has no extensive use and docs not appear to have been at any time cultivated by elegant poets it is unnecessary to notice it further in this place. (p. 225)”

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