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नान्यदेव के भरत-भाष्यम् में आत्मप्रकाश (हिन्दी) -भवनाथ झा

  • Was Nanyadeva, the king of Mithila a Parmara Kshatriya?
  • The belief of Nanyadeva as the Karnataka origin of Andhra Pradesh is not a historical fact.
  • New research has shown that Nanyadeva came to Mithila from western India.
Aripana (अरिपन), An Anthology of Research Articles on Mithila edited by Savita Jha Khan
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New research has been done in relation to Maharaja Nanyadeva, the founder of the Karnata kingdom of Mithila. So far, historians have considered him to be of Karnataka origin in Andhra Pradesh.

They have been making conclusions about Nanyadeva of the 11th century using sources from the 14th century. Since the descendants of Nanyadeva have been called Karnata in the later period, so Nanyadeva was also assumed to be a king who came from Karnataka.

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On the other hand, in the light of this concept, an attempt was made to read the manuscript of Nanyadeva’s work– Commentary of Natyashastra of Bharata. This is the reason why there the word “Latarak-kulbhushanah” was considered as text as the word “Karnata-kulbhushanah.”

In this Bharat-Bhashya, Nanyadeva has introduced himself at least 40 places. In these introductions he has mentioned his brother’s name, his wife’s maternal place, etc. He has also mentioned which territories he won. Thus, from this self-proclamation of Nanyadeva, we get very solid historical facts.

Therefore, it is necessary to reconsider the original place of Nanyadeva.

This has been discussed in a research paper in this book. Pt. Bhavanath Jha is a scholar of Sanskrit, Manuscriptology and History. He has also deciphered many inscriptions from Mithila. In this detailed article, he has considered the origin of Nanyadeva and detailed information related to him.

On the basis of this, it has been concluded that Nanyadeva was the king of the western province of India. He came to Mithila via western region and defeated the then king Karna and became the ruler.

In the oral tradition of Mithila, Nanyadeva has been considered as a Kshatriya of the Paramara dynasty, whose descendants are still living in many villages of the Gandhabaria Kshatriya. After the reign of Harisingh, till the 20th century, Gandhabaria Kshatriya have been ruling scatterd small areas in Mithila.

With this new research, this tradition of Mithila has been established historically.

Apart from this, many research articles have been published in this book.

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Index of Articles

  1. The passage of Rama’s Lord : An introduction to the Rameshvaracharit Mithila Ramayana –Aditya Chaturvedi
  2. Maithila Chitrakala: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives –Anita Ghei Malhotra
  3. Death of a Culture: Tracing Kokti Cotton in History of Mithila –Aalok Mishra
  4. नेपालमिथिलयोस्तन्त्रसम्प्रदायः (संस्कृत) –किशोरनाथ झा
  5. धर्मशास्त्रीया शुद्धिः प्राणरक्षिका (संस्कृत) –शशिनाथ झा
  6. नान्यदेव के भरत-भाष्यम् में आत्मप्रकाश (हिन्दी) -भवनाथ झा
  7. पूर्व-मध्यकालीन तीरभुक्ति की सूर्य-प्रतिमाएँ (हिन्दी) –सुशान्त कुमार
  8. प्राचीन मिथिला में पोखर परम्परा (हिन्दी) –हेतुकर झा
  9. अधवारा नदी के ऐतिहासिक अध्ययन (मैथिली)– गजानन मिश्र
  10. मिथिलाक न्याय परम्परा : नैयायिक बच्चा झा (मैथिली) – बलदेव मिश्र
  11. मैथिली स्त्री–लेखन परम्परा मे लिली रे’क मौलिकता (मैथिली) – कीर्तिनाथ झा


  1. Mithila’s Spiritual Realm: Poetry of Lakshminath Gosain –Lalitesh Mishra
  2. Malduar-e-India –Mridula Chaudhary
  3. The Way We Were –Sujata Prasad
  4. Chuda–dahi (चूड़ा–दही) – Savita
  5. मिथिलाक वस्त्र उद्योग (हिन्दी) – भवनाथ झा
  6. प्राचीनकाल मे जलप्राप्तिक साधन (मैथिली) –शशिनाथ झा
  7. लोकदेवताक अध्ययन विधि : मिथिलाक सन्दर्भ (मैथिली) –प्रदीप कांत चौधरी
  8. Some Important Paintings

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